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Why do tradesmen prefer the Plumb-it Extendable Level?

Made with Precision:
If your level doesn't say "Plumb-It"
it is not an Original Plumb-It Extendable Level

Extreme Extension

  • Triple-beam design allows for maximum extension without sacrificing any accuracy.

  • Spring-loaded handles allow for infinite possibilities. Now you can lock-in your level at any position-- no key required. 


Plumb-It Vials come with Lifetime Warranty

  • The patented Plumb-It Vial puts us a level above the rest. 

  • Our vials are made in-house-- from the acrylic to the solution, and then from the milling all the way through to our proprietary setting process.

  • Each vial is guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty. With a few exceptions, replacement is free; you pay only a small fee for re-calibration and shipping to and from our factory. 

  • Please click here for more details on our warranty, as well as information on getting your well-loved level repaired.

Man Waving American Flag

All American Made

  • Plumb-It, Inc. is a family business located in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Our goal is to improve the lives of skilled workers all over the world by producing and distributing a highly specialized tool of the finest quality. 

  • The Plumb-It Extendable Level is truly unique-- invented and engineered by Paul Semler, each feature was designed to make our customers' jobs easier.  

  •  Each vial is set and each level assembled by hand.

  • Our crew has been with us for more than a decade.  No one is better equipped to make these levels.

  • Other companies have attempted to reproduce the Plumb-It Extendable Level design, but none have come close to our quality and accuracy.


Plumb-It Incorporated is not affiliated with any other companies. A large corporation has attempted to copy our level, designing these counterfeits to appear identical to ours.  Do not be fooled-- An authentic Plumb-It Inc. level is produced at our small, family-owned factory in the U.S.A., and its quality is unmatched. Recent modifications in our parts make them incompatible as replacement parts for any other brand of extendable level. 

David Schamp

(Steel Worker)

“I truly like working with your levels. My wife has never really understood why I need two different sizes, although she has seen me use both on the same job.
I tell my guys all the time, “Aim small, miss small.” These levels are superb at getting as accurate as we need to be. I’ve put these levels up against laser and sight levels and we are every bit as tight as they are. Thanks again for creating such a great tool. … I don’t reach for any other level when I need it done right.”

"The Regulator"

"This is one of the most ingenious tools on the market. I will never go back to a single beam level again. This tool is like having several levels in one convenient package. It takes care of the short stuff like door frames, and the tall stuff like large balloon walls and goes plate to plate while doing it, alleviating inaccuracy caused by stud warp. It is very durable and easy to use and store. Well worth the money. I'd give it 10 stars if I could."

Isaac Rivera

"I started framing houses in '98. The first crew I worked for had a Plumb-It plate level. Ever since, I always tell framers/carpenters, 'Stabila suck. Go with Plumb-It.'"
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