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Why do tradesmen prefer the Plumb-it Level?

Extreme Extension

  • Triple-beam design allows for maximum extension without sacrificing any accuracy.

  • Spring-loaded handles allow for infinite possibilities. Now you can lock-in your level at any position-- no key required. 


Plumb-It Vials come with Lifetime Warranty

  • The patented Plumb-It Vial puts us a level above the rest. 

  • Our vials are made in-house-- from the acrylic to the solution, and then from the milling all the way through to our proprietary setting process.

  • Each vial is guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty. With a few exceptions, replacement is free; you pay only a small fee for re-calibration and shipping to and from our factory. 

  • Please click here for more details on our warranty, as well as information on getting your well-loved level repaired.

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All American Made

  • Plumb-It, Inc. is a family business located in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Our goal is to improve the lives of skilled workers all over the world by producing and distributing a highly specialized tool of the finest quality. 

  • The Plumb-It Level is truly unique-- invented and engineered by Paul Semler, each feature was designed to make our customers' jobs easier.  

  •  Each vial is set and each level assembled by hand.

  • Our crew has been with us for a decade.  No one is better equipped to make these levels.

  • Other companies have attempted to reproduce the Plumb-It design, but none have come close to our quality.

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