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Extension Level Models

Plumb-It Extendable Levels are available in 5 sizes:







Note: For Models PIX6.0 and PIX8.0 the vial orientation is customizable. Please contact us to have yours adjusted today!

The Plumb-It Extendable Level

was created by a carpenter,

for carpenters. 

Paul Semler saw the need for a tool that would plumb walls of any height. He worked diligently on his design through the evenings and weekends, while he invested his daylight hours into his contracting company.  In 1984, he finally brought the Plumb-It Extendable Level into the world. 

"The Original"

Now, his level is used throughout the world by tradesmen from many industries.

Steel workers, carpenters,  window specialists, framers, contractors, builders, and countless others love their Plumb-It Extendable Level and the ease and precision it brings to their work.  


CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_6.jpg
level offset flush.gif
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_3.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_4.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_5.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_2.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_1.jpg

Amazon Customer

"My most prized and protected tool."

"Just like my cordless drill, I cannot remember what life was like before the extend-o-level. This level allows you to plumb walls without having to touch the studs, which may be warped, bowed, crowned, etc. You extend the level to touch only the top and bottom plates for an accurate reading. It is great on any height walls. It has one flat side so it can be used as a standard 4' level and one inch offsets on the other side for plumbing. You can buy a standard rectangular, padded gun case that works great for a protective case. I recommend this level to any framing carpenter and many have stopped to inquire about mine. It seems expensive until you get it and realize it was money very well spent."

Robert Garcia

"When I grab your level, it just feels good!"

Christopher Vasquez

“Highly recommended company.  I have been using them since they came out!!!"
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