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Extension Level Models

Plumb-It Extendable Levels are available in 5 sizes:







*Regarding PIX-8.0 - Default setting for all 4 vials is for vertical reading. 
** Models PIX6.0 and PIX8.0 - vial orientation is customizable. Please contact us to have yours adjusted today!

The Plumb-It Extendable Level

was created by a carpenter,

for carpenters. 

Paul Semler saw the need for a tool that would plumb walls of any height. He worked diligently on his design through the evenings and weekends, while he invested his daylight hours into his contracting company.  In 1984, he finally brought the Plumb-It Extendable Level into the world. 

"The Original"

Now, his level is used throughout the world by tradesmen from many industries.

Steel workers, carpenters,  window specialists, framers, contractors, builders, and countless others love their Plumb-It Extendable Level and the ease and precision it brings to their work.  


CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_6.jpg
level offset flush.gif
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_3.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_4.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_5.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_2.jpg
CamScanner 04-21-2022 18.39_1.jpg

Adam Koper

"I have been a professional carpenter since 1992. Framed track homes and custom homes. My Plumb-It level was my first tool purchase other than my hand tools. My Plumb-It level is by far my favorite tool. I have leveled thousands of walls and other projects since 1992 and it is still dead-on accurate. Great product and with the infinite adjustability amazingly useful. I have done hundreds of basement finishes and there is nothing better than a Plumb-It level for framing a basement!"

Robert Garcia

"When I grab your level, it just feels good!"

Nathan Heaberlin

I wouldn't trade my Plumb-It Level for a million bucks. I'm always loaning it out to friends and family, and everyone loves it. 

Christopher Vasquez

“Highly recommended company.  I have been using them since they came out!!!"
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